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Hansa.RE was founded in 2018 as a natural expansion step of Hansahold family office to manage real estate investments in Latvia. We purchase and manage sustainable cash flow objects - logistics centres, office and residential buildings. 

At the moment, the company manages the HansaRE Fund I KS real estate investment fund.

Our mission as for the investment manager is to provide attractive financial returns for investors of the Fund by ensuring a healthy balance of investment risks and high quality assets, reinforced by a strong team of industrial experts and professionals. Acting in company's long term-interests as well as each and every one of our investors is our prime goal.

Hansa.RE partners have 20 years’ experience of building successful real estate business on German and Latvian markets, which allows efficient achievement of targets in the development of real estate and asset management.

The environmental, social and business corporate management implemented by our team only benefits the performance and sustainability of our real estate portfolio, therefore, continuously meeting environmental and ESG standards is a paramount strategic element of the Fund.  

ESG policy

Investment sustainability is one of the core values of Hansa.RE which has an important role in creating additional added value for investments. The environmental, social and management criteria is part of our corporate DNA ensuring long-term sustainability of our real estate portfolio, both from technical and management process perspectives.


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